ilka Rames

French artist of Algerian origin born in Grenoble, Isère, who has led a travelling, multidisciplinary and self-taught artistic career, focusing particularly on the question of identity, both her own and that of those around her.

She began her artistic research through photography, exploring the punk world and French squats of the 90s. She then spent over 15 years in Latin America, where she continued to develop her creativity in various artistic fields, including painting, photography and sculpture.

In 2018, she decided to move to Brussels, where she continued her artistic work by taking specialised courses in the creation of stage masks, which have become a central element in her artistic creations. In her photographic work, she explores the full range of emotions, moving from darkness to light, while focusing on the diversity of human appearance. She uses the human body as a tool to explore issues of identity and self-perception.