ilka Rames

I’m a French artist of Algerian origin. My artistic career is a journey through cultures, experiences and emotions. I began my artistic exploration in the French squats of the 90s, where photography became my first form of expression.

My journey then took me to Latin America, where I lived for over 15 years. In this melting pot of vibrant cultures, I explored a variety of artistic forms, from painting to sculpture and photography. I’ve had the opportunity to present my work through small exhibitions, while taking part in artistic performances that have enriched my practice.

In 2018, I settled in Brussels, a city that welcomed me with its streets rich in history and diversity. It was here that I continued my artistic exploration by taking mask-making classes, a new dimension that has enriched my photographic work.

At the same time, I also discovered the art of shibari, a form of artistic expression that deeply inspired me. These experiences have enabled me to explore new artistic horizons and integrate these elements into my creations.

My artwork delves into the depths of the human soul, exploring both dark and light areas with equal intensity, capturing the most subtle nuances of the human experience.

Welcome to my artistic world, where each image tells a story.

I’m delighted to announce that you can now find my photos and mask creations in the Subspace shop! mask is unique and different, because I never reproduce the same models. They can also be made to measure according to your preferences, and we can even work together to create the character that I will sculpt.

Made from a thermoplastic base, my masks are the result of a meticulous artistic process. I draw inspiration from a variety of sources and work a lot with salvage, using materials that I find while exploring flea markets, where I unearth real treasures.

As well as being unique artistic pieces, our masks can also be hired for photo shoots. Whether you’re a professional looking for original pieces for a photo shoot or an amateur with a passion for visual art, our masks will add a touch of creativity and mystery to your projects.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas for bespoke masks or to book a rental session for your next photo shoot. We look forward to working with you to create unique pieces that will capture the imagination of all who view them.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in my artwork!